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Domestic Law

We have been practicing Domestic Law for forty years, including Custody, Child and Spousal Support, Temporary Alimony, Permanent Alimony, Divorce, Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, and virtually all other aspects of Family Law, from Mediation to Trial, and On Appeal.
Our experience is unmatched, and we are a member of the Family Law Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, a member of the Lancaster Family Law Section, and Mr. Chillas is President of the Pennsylvania Men's Law Project. He has authored domestic legislation presently pending before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

This office does not discriminate, representing both men and women with equal vigor. Divorce is a difficult issue, and it is emphatically recommended that you consult an attorney before any contemplated separation in your family, so that you know your rights, and can arrange your affairs to maximum advantage, when a separation finally occurs.

Currently, an introductory office conference is only $75.00. This conference will last as long as it reasonably takes to assure you of all your rights, duties and obligations, and will result in a many-fold return from guiding you in the proper direction.

Our hourly rates are also very reasonable compared to others with our level of experience and we will always attempt to resolve your problem at the least possible cost and expense to you, consistent with a fair outcome.

Once you have met with us, you are under no further obligation and we only want you to return and to represent you if you feel comfortable with this office and our representation. You may call us at 717-293-1500 and set your initial appointment.

Please bring with you as much financial data as you are able to accumulate so as to make the best use of your time. This would include any home appraisals, mortgage payoffs, tax returns, statements of 401(k)s and other investment assets, so that we will be able to provide you with more accurate and detailed advice.

Law Office of William E. Chillas
36 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602
Tel: 717.293.1500 | Fax: 717.293.1600 |

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